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Anatomy of a Typeface: The Ascent of Scotch Roman (continued)

The English typefounders, while accepting the novelty of the Didot-Bodoni types, exercised their own modifications of the pattern. On the whole, the English variations tended to retain the bracketed serifs and return to the roundness of the old style, which had been compressed in the Continental faces. Nevertheless, excesses due partially to competition among typefounders […]

July 11

John Bell the English publisher, typefounder, and bookseller, in his anxiety to produce the most splendid printing of his times, inserted into the columns of his own newspaper, The World, upon this day in the following advertisement: “Press-men for Book-work—Wanted, Four Complete Press-men, who can execute Book-work in the most perfect manner, and who can […]

January 1

Upon a Monday morning on this date in 1787, was published the first issue of The World, or Fashionable Advertiser, a periodical which published the best current writers, including Richard Brinsley Sheridan. The proprietor of this immediately successful journal was John Bell—bookseller, printer, publisher, typefounder, journalist, &c, to use the title supplied by his 20th […]