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Anatomy of a Typeface: The Ascent of Scotch Roman (continued)

The English typefounders, while accepting the novelty of the Didot-Bodoni types, exercised their own modifications of the pattern. On the whole, the English variations tended to retain the bracketed serifs and return to the roundness of the old style, which had been compressed in the Continental faces. Nevertheless, excesses due partially to competition among typefounders […]

The Prolific Career Of Morris Benton

I recently had the opportunity to read a very fine paper, written by David Ritter of Pittsburgh, on the contribution to American type design by the late Morris Benton. It doesn’t take much reflection to realize that Benton is pretty well forgotten by most printers, although he was unquestionably the most prolific type designer who […]

Renewed Flow of Type Faces Meets Mixed Emotions

Happy days are apparently back again for type of files, typographic designers, and advertising layout men. New type faces, once more issuing from type founders in an ever-increasing stream, are being alluringly depicted by beautifully printed specimen sheets. It would be nice to report that printers also are delighted at the prospect of a return […]

Steve Watts, Happiest Retired Printer

Many typographers look forward to retirement to do many of the things they were too busy to do when they were working. Some of them simply want the time to set type with no customer preferences to tolerate and with complete control of types and operating conditions. Needless to say, a lifetime in the competitive […]

September 22

The present writer has discovered, inserted in a copy of the famous specimen book issued by American Type Founders Company in 1892 (the first to include the offerings of the various foundries which had amalgamated in 1892), a printer’s billhead for the sale of one thousand letterheads in two colors. The invoice was dated this […]

September 16

With Thomas MacKellar in the chair, a meeting of the typefounders of the United States began on this day in 1886, in the Spencer House at Niagara Falls, New York. The press release stated: ‘The representatives of twenty of the largest and best foundries in the United States were present, and never was there a […]

February 8

“It was born of compromise and courage, but grew and prospered through the faith of men who believed in its destiny.” These were not the resounding words of one of the founding fathers of our nation, but instead represent the opinion of a president of the American Type Founders Company, which was incorporated this day […]